Shimano Sonora FB Spinning Reels

Shimano Sonora FB Spinning Reels

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With Propulsion, A-RB bearings, and Super Stopper II, the lightweight Sonora reel is a heavyweight when it comes to features.

The paint job isn't the only thing that's changed on the new Shimano Sonora FB Spinning Reel. Its equipped with the several of Shimano's newest features and many improved features, such as the Super Stopper II for back reeling fish, enabling the angler to turn the one-way roller bearing on or off. The Propulsion Line Management System and the Varispeed Oscillation system make sure there is much less line twisting and friction. New materials and components, including the Graphite Frame and Cold Forged Aluminum Spool, help keep the reel lightweight, but not when it comes to fish pulling strength.

Super durable and backed by Shimano's stellar warranty, there's no need to worry about the Sonora. Just in case you want to make any tweaks or adjustments at home, there is also Shimano's Repairable Clicker on every Sonora. These preventative measures combined with 4-Sheilded Stainless Steel Ball Bearings, will keep your reel smooth and on the water for a long time.

- Dyna-Balance

- Super Stopper II

- Repairable Clicker

- Approved for use in Saltwater

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