BBZ Shout Out Sunday: Gary Klein "A True Legend of The Sport" And A Cool Friend

This "Shout Out Sunday" goes to a good friend Gary Klein. It is so cool to have worked with Gary within the industry with sponsors as well as being able to fish with him many times on different bodies of waters catching big fish. He is living proof how far you can go in this sport with the right drive and passion. Wishing you continued success brother and sending you a little "Big Fish Mojo" -Bill Siemantel- 

BBZ Shout Out Sunday: The One And Only Don Iovino, Still A Force To Be Reckoned With!

"He is like the "Energizer Bunny" he just keeps going and going. Last Saturday during a NBW tournament at Castaic Lake my partner Tim Tuttle and I fished around Don and his partner all day long. This guy can fish! I hope to have his passion and drive to fish as hard as he does when I reach his age. Truly the OG of this sport and an inspiration to many." -Bill Siemantel-