Lowrance Mark-5x DSI Fishfinder

See more, find more and pay less - the innovativeLowrance Mark-5x DSI FishFinder features Lowrance’s exclusive DownScan Imaging for crystal-clear, photo-like views of the underwater world. Thermoclines are exposed, fish are truly revealed. Easily distinguish between hard and soft bottoms, and see structure like you never have before.

Its all brought to you on a sunlight-enhanced 5-in/12.7cm Film SuperTwist LCD Display with 480x480 pixel viewing and 16-level Gray-Scale resolution, which maximizes visibility and target detail.  An adjustable, bright-white LED backlit screen and keypad also make viewing easier in low-light or nighttime conditions.

The Lowrance Mark-5x DSI Fishfinder’s 500W RMS Sounder (4,000W peak-to-peak) reaches depths of up to 250ft, and its exclusive dedicated Skimmer DSI Dual Frequency 455/800kHz Transducer (transom-mount) delivers the down-looking, crystal-clear images, as well as, a built-in water surface temperature sensor. It even delivers impressive bottom readings at boat speeds up to 40mph.  Optimum imaging speed of 8mph and under.

So advanced, it’s easy-to-use, the Mark-5x DSI also features automatic fine-tuning for the best sonar imaging picture possible after power-up, and the Advance User Mode offers full manual control of settings.  A convenientTrackBack feature also allows you to immediately scroll-back through sonar imaging history to review covered water and pinpoint spots.

Easy to Install and Use - the Lowrance Mark-5x DSI Fishfinder’s unique new keypad and quick-release bracket design offers easy installation, plus one-hand viewing adjustment, and operation at-speed.

Dimensions: 6.9" x 5.4" x 2.5"

Gimble Bracket Mounting included for unit - In-dash installation will require additional hardware not included.

Skimmer DSI Transducer - transom-mount

Power supply: 10-17 vDC

Sonar Alarms: Fish, Max and Min Depth

Depth Alarm

Shallow Alarm

Temperature Display

Built-in Backup Memory

Sealed and waterproof - suitable for saltwater use


Please Note: This model is not available for order outside of the United States.

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