Company and Staff

BBZ Enterprises LLC and its properties that includes theBBZ.com, theBBZtv and theBBZradio is based out of Castaic, California. Our goal is to provide cutting edge information on informative up to date education within the fishing industry and beyond. We will provide articles, product reviews, how-to tutorials, entertainment, and photography on the latest multi media plate form available. BBZ Enterprises LLC will provide some of the world's premier daily content of instructional fishing techniques as well as bass tournaments and multi species world of fishing.

BBZ Enterprises LLC, occasionally uses knowledgeable freelance writers and photographers from all over the country to produce original how-to content centered around bass fishing and other types of fresh water fishing. BBZ Enterprises LLC was established to do one thing: Bring to anglers and fans a new, exciting, national type of coverage of fishing in general.

Editorial Policies

BBZ Enterprises LLC, theBBZ.com, theBBZtv, theBBZradio’s  No. 1 duty is to its readers/viewers/listeners. Everything else is secondary.

Coverage of Conflicts

TheBBZ.com reports statements about controversies as they are obtained from observers and some or all of the parties involved. No attempt is made to weigh the statements to find "ultimate truths" or draw a conclusion about whom, or whether anyone, was right or wrong. That option is up to the reader.

At times columnists whose views appear on TheBBZ.com address the perceived rights and wrongs in such situations. That is their prerogative as columnists, and TheBBZ.com does not necessarily agree with those views.

TheBBZ.com does not believe that reporting on controversies harms the sport of fishing. To the contrary, such reporting is commonplace in all sports and contributes to a sport's depth and consequent fan-interest level. Controversy also is an unavoidable, and in fact necessary, part of all forms of competition.

Taking Sides Within the Industry

TheBBZ.com leads by example through not "taking sides" within the sport of fishing, as all truly independent and professional (ethical) news outlets must do.

As part of that, TheBBZ.com will not accept any exclusive sponsorships within the fishing and marine industries. TheBBZ.com believes that every player is important to the success of the sport. We also endeavor to avoid shameless sponsor plugs.

Likewise, TheBBZ.com coverage is not in any way influenced by sponsors/advertisers. In fact, here is the exact language we send to all of our sponsors: "TheBBZ.com objective hard-news content is the biggest reason anglers and fans likeTheBBZ.com. Because of that we will not in any way allow sponsors to censor or otherwise edit our content. To do that would compromise TheBBZ.com and thus the value of your sponsorship."

Disclosure of Fishing Locations/Info

TheBBZ.com is firmly against revealing specifically where tournament anglers fish, either via words, GPS points, or 3D or other mapping. Since time immemorial, fishing techniques have been shared, but for obvious reasons fishing spots have been closely-guarded secrets. We believe that fishing spots are the product of hard work and therefore should remain the exclusive information of the anglers who find them.

Any specific location information revealed byTheBBZ.com is done so at the request of the angler or because we have judged that the information isn't specific enough to reveal an angler's exact spot. At times it is revealed because one of the tournament organizations first revealed it publicly.

We do not publish pattern information during a competition unless an angler tells us that he or she won't mind that it is released.


Everything within the BBZ Enterprises LLC, including theBBZ.com, theBBZradio and theBBZtv, is the copyright of BBZ Enterprises LLC., except where noted (e.g., photo credits, third-party provided video, etc.). Members of accredited media may use BBZ Enterprises LLC content under explicit restrictions that must be done in writing. Any use of BBZ Enterprises LLC content not explicitly permitted by theBBZ.com, theBBZtv or theBBZradio is a breach of copyright law and will be prosecuted as such.