Gillz-Gear Apparel 2020 Partial Preview

Gillz-Gear Apparel 2020 Partial Preview

ICAST debut of the exciting Women’s and Men’s new Gillz Gear apparel line-up.


Left Rear – Men’s Pro Striker Snorkel Blue Long Sleeve Shirt with Built in Gillz Mask. Right Rear – Men’s Long Sleeve Waterman Snorkel Blue Pro Series Shirt with Men’s Contender Series Shorts, Front Left – Men’s Long Sleeve Waterman High Rise Grey Pro Series Shirt and Gillz Fishing Pants.


Left – Women’s Seabreeze Hoodie with Cactus Flower Volley Shorts, Right – Women’s Mermaid Tank Top under Dip DYE Jacket with Placid Blue Dolphin Shorts


Left - Men’s Extreme Gillz Mahi Aurora Long Sleeve with Contender Series Outer Space Shorts. Center – Men’s Contender Outer Space Jacket over Men’s Long Sleeve Snorkel Blue Contender Shirt with Contender High Rise Shorts. Right – Women’s Sunset Fish Collection White Zip Up Hoodie over White Racer Back Tank Top with Capri Cactus Flower Leggings. All three models are sporting Gillz Polarized Eye-wear!


Center – Women’s Circular Drawstring Cactus Flower Hoodie. Left – Men’s Extreme Scales Grey Graphic Long Sleeve Shirt with Patch Snap Goblin Blue Hat. Right – Men’s Extreme Scales Bass Long Sleeve Shirt with Gillz Bass Visor.


Women’s Mermaid Collection Crop Tank, Capri Leggings, and Dip Dye Jacket. Men’s Long Sleeve UV Extreme Gillz Scales High Rise Grey Shirt.


Men’s Extreme Scales – Redfish Shirt, Women’s Seabreeze Hoodie, Men’s Extreme Scales – Mahi Aurora Long Sleeve Shirt


Left to Right – Men’s Long Sleeve UV Extreme Gillz Scales Snorkel Blue, Women’s Emberglow Circular Drawstring Hoodie, Men’s – Long Sleeve UV Sting Ray High Rise Grey Shirt

Gillz Mask Hat-collage.jpg

Gillz Masks and…




Men’s Pro Series Waterman High Rise Tournament Shirt with Waterman High Rise Mask, and Waterman High Rise Grey/Black Hat

Gillz Short-collage.jpg

Left – Men’s Tournament Series Outer Space Zip Insert Shorts, Center – Men’s Tournament Series High Rise Grey Zip Insert Shorts, Right – Men’s Contender Series Shorts


Gillz Sun Glove


Gillz Performance Fishing Polarized Sunglasses; designed for comfort using superior lens technology in a variety of frames and six lens colors to suit your fishing environment.

This is a partial tour of the awesome 2020 Gillz Gear product line. There’s more stylish Women’s and Men’s apparel coming too! Visit Gillz-Gear to see all the cool products and the excellent values at

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