The New SPRO Spin John 80

The New SPRO Spin John 80

SPRO introduces the latest addition to their product line; the Spin John 80 offers added features for Spybait techniques.

SPRO is announcing its newest bait addition to the SPRO family, the Spin John 80. Spybaiting is fast becoming a technique that bass and walleye fishermen are using to help trigger inactive fish to bite and the Spin John 80 leads this group of baits in the category. With the Spin John 80 SPRO has changed the norm. To make their spybait better, one of the biggest additions to the Spin John 80 is the addition of SPRO swivels at both ends of the bait. This addition of swivels will enhance the Spin John’s natural shimmy and rolling action as the bait falls.

When John Crews was testing and helping develop the Spin John, he noticed that the swivel additions also made it harder for the fish to be able to throw the bait once they were hooked. John adds “the swivels do not allow the fish to get any leverage on the bait making it harder for them to throw the hooks once they are hooked up”.

The Spin John 80 also comes equipped with matched blade colors and accent feathers on the back Gamakatsu trebles to accentuate the body color of each bait. The Spin John 80 is equipped with 2 - #6 Gamakatsu G Finesse trebles.

The Spin John 80 is part of the John Crews Little John family of baits and will come in 8 of SPRO’s Top Fish Catching colors.

Top left to right; Cell Mate, Herring Pink, Matte Shad, Nasty Shad, Real Goby, Real Perch, Smoke Purple, Spooky Nasty

Top left to right; Cell Mate, Herring Pink, Matte Shad, Nasty Shad, Real Goby, Real Perch, Smoke Purple, Spooky Nasty

Spin John 80 Features:

  • Size: 80 mm

  • Weight: 5/16oz

  • Swivels give the bait a better rolling action when being retrieved

  • Swivels at each end of the bait allow for better hookup and landing ratio

  • Great looking natural wobbling action as bait is free falling

  • Developed and Tested by SPRO Pro John Crews

  • 8 Top SPRO fish catching colors

  • Availability: 6/30/2019

  • MSRP: $12.99

Based in Kennesaw, Georgia, SPRO Corp. distributes products to all of North America, and distributes Gamakatsu Hooks to areas east of the Mississippi River. SPRO is the market leader in premium lures, hooks, bucktail jigs, and swivels.

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