A Desert Story – Lake Mohave

A Desert Story – Lake Mohave

Fishing takes anglers to the heart of nature, and its beauty is everywhere.

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Driving out of the canyon walls down river from Willow Beach, we spot movement on the ridge line above us.

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We turn the big motor off and idle with the electric into the mouth of a cove.


On one side is a male Bighorn Sheep and his ladies, a group of Ewes.


Opposite the small canyon stood a proud large Ram engaged in one of nature’s most iconic stare downs. I think a fight is coming soon.


Meanwhile, back to angling for smallmouth bass, and more Wild Things, fishing is cool!

A short fishing session at Lake Mohave on our way home from the Wild West Bass Trail at Lake Mead Nevada. I’m with team partner, Troy Lindner, the Wandering Angler. Follow Troy’s worldly fishing adventures on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/troylindner/?hl=en also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TroyLindnerFishing/

Fish catch pic by Troy Lindner.

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