More is More and the Myth Busters

More is More and the Myth Busters

Despite constant rains, high, muddy water, the Sneaky Pete Glide-Bait scores Massive Pre-Spawn Bass.

The BBZ previewed the Sneaky Pete at last summer’s ICAST show. The ICAST video has G-Ratt’s Garrett Dixon talking us through the details and features a bass tank swimming demonstration.

This spring G-Ratt’s Co-Owner Dan Dubose and Shawn Anderson show us what this glide bait can do, even in muddy water.


Dubose snuck up on an 11-pound Clear Lake California Bruiser using the bone body with a chartreuse tail pattern.


Shawn Anderson used the same color pattern at an undisclosed Northern California mountain reservoir to fool his hefty 6.4 pound largemouth. Anderson was fishing stained water spawning flats.

More is More

Both Dubose and Anderson attribute their catches to Sneaky Pete’s rattles. This winter and spring, California experienced above average rainfall. The heavy rains have created high-water and ‘chocolate milk’ conditions throughout the state. The acoustic attributes of the Sneaky Pete’s rattles assisted the predator in locating the prey in the muddy water. The rattle, in those conditions, was one More item that added up to a successful presentation.       

Myth Buster Alert

Have you ever heard that you need clear water for Swimbaits/Glide-baits to work? Dubose’s and Anderson’s bass isn’t the first myth-busters, and they won’t be the last. Water displacement, vibration, sound, profile, ‘signature’, and the lateral line, are reasons why a blind bass could find a swimbait.

Stay Tuned

Never say never, sometimes More is More, sometimes Less is More. The new Silent Sneaky Pete is coming soon, stay tuned.

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