Coolbaits’ New Eight Ounce Underspin

Coolbaits’ New Eight Ounce Underspin

Based on a demand from saltwater anglers asking for a deeper underspin, Coolbaits unveils the new eight-ounce model at the Fred Hall Show, Long Beach CA.

With recent coastal deep-water Rock Cod habitat reopening, and demand from saltwater anglers targeting deeper swimming fish like Ling Cod, Halibut, Wahoo, and more the new 8 oz. underspin is precisely on time.

“Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin, Lake Trout, even freshwater largemouth bass, the sky is the limit.” – Shawn Cooley / Coolbaits


Coolbaits recommends an 8’ big-bait heavy swimbait rod or even a 9’ jig stick used for saltwater irons, couple the rod with a 400 class ‘low profile’ type reel spooled with 80 lb. Spectra and a 40 lb. top shot set-up. Adjust the components as necessary.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing the 1/8 OZ or the 8 OZ Coolbait give this bait a brain.” If someone is chasing you, you don’t keep walking. Use small twitches, pops, and pauses to give the bait life, create a direction change.

“If you see fish on your sonar, cast beyond and pendulum swing the Coolbait through the corresponding depths and the suspended fish.”

“Be creative, use current when you can, keep the bait in the fish’s face, and always be ready for a strike on the fall.”

The eight-ounce underspin supports your favorite plastic swimbait trailer up to 13”, equipped with a Mustad 6/0 O’Shaughnessy hook, and dual-ballbearing swivels Coolbaits uses the finest components.

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Coolbaits has a diverse line of Underspins, Swim Jig Heads, Plastics, and more at and on Facebook at Also available at Tackle Warehouse

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