Predator Fish of All Sizes Want a BIG BITE!

Predator Fish of All Sizes Want a BIG BITE!

Predator fish are by nature aggressive, and species after species tell me they love a big meal. When the opportunity presents itself, a hunting fish will react favorably to a big bite. So why not give them what they want? 


This Laker by Plummer’s Great Bear Lake world-class standards is an average catch. A fish like this is still fun, but here is the point. After the hookup, during the fight, as this smaller Grey was reeled in close to the boat, it regurgitated a relatively large stomach item.


An earlier meal, a smaller Lake Trout has been in my catch’s stomach for an extended period. The victim’s exterior is breaking down, fish forensics I have a trained eye. With a full belly, this Lake Trout went for more and decided to attack my Spoon. The pink metal portion of the spoon is 5.5 inches in length.

There is a reason big Lake Trout have big wide mouths.


Present the Big Bait and catch a Big Fish!

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