Josh Scaife "Walks The Walk" When Working The SPRO BBZ-1 Rat For Western Mass Bass!

Josh Scaife "Walks The Walk" When Working The SPRO BBZ-1 Rat For Western Mass Bass!

Josh Scaife Targets Monster Bass In Western Mass! And He Is Serving Up Rats!


Hey Bill, Had to drop you a line from back here in Western Massachusetts. Started fishing your BBZ-1 Rat about 3 years back over here in Mass. and have been whacking some big fish ever since. The Spro Rat has been my go to bait since then and the size 40 has caught some of my biggest and it is my most consistent lure for better than average bass. Last season I started using the BBZ-1 50 and I have seen an even bigger increase in the overall size of the bass now. Guess that there is something to say about "bigger is better". I post a lot in my group Everything Topwater

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on all my fish catches and after I mention the BBZ-1 Rat I usually get a private message asking how I was retrieving it to trigger strikes?. I have two simple ways of using it, either slow rolling or doing the dead twitch. I hope this help any of your readers as it has helped us over here. As you can imagine a solid bass where I live is just over 3 pounds and the rat has put some real trophies on the end of my line. This bait has definitely been a game changer for me and a lot of my fellow fisherman! Another big key that I do here that most wont is that I fish places where people say there are no fish in that body of water. Western Massachusetts is a fantastic fishery as long as you put in the work to fish it. My biggest bass on the BBZ-1 Rat so far is a 6.4# beast. My next goal is that magical unicorn at a whopping 8lbs and with hard work and the right tools I have a pretty good chance of doing that soon! Thanks    -Josh


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