Bonafide Kayaks / Better by Design

Bonafide Kayaks / Better by Design

They didn’t set out to re-invent the kayak. Bonafide’s goal is to create the most fish-able platform ever.

Debuting at ICAST 2018 Bonafide’s RISE Series


Model RS117 RISE; designed to provide premium features on an affordable kayak. Rising to the occassion at $999.00 the RS117 will be available October 2018.

When it comes to Kayak Design, Bonafide has thrown the book out the window. While staying true to efficient manufacturing, this team has re-thought everything that has come before.


At 10’ – 7” Model SS107 on the ICAST 2018 New Product Showcase Floor.

Last year I reviewed Bonafide’s Impressive Flagship Model SS127. Many of the stellar SS features appear on the RS/Rise series.

Bonafide 1.jpg

Model SS127


Bonafide 2.jpg

The front hatch with rubberized latches opens from both the front and the back. This allows you to access the hatch while fishing and store up to 6 rods within the Kayak’s interior thanks to the dual latching system.

Bonafide 6.jpg

The kayak’s interior has slotted foam that nestles three rods per side, six total.

Bonafide 11.jpg

Bungee straps and fishing hooks don’t mix well. Bonafide knows this; they have the Boss Strap.

The top of the hatch has channels. There is another channel between the hatch cover and the gunwales on each side of the boat too. Slide your paddle under the Boss Strap and place the handle in the hatch lid’s center channel. To the left and right there are four more channels, and two more on the sides of the hatch. These slots are for rods and also work in concert with the ribbed Boss Strap.

Sonar Locker Bonafide.jpg

The battery compartment and the attached sonar unit platform detach from the kayak. Providing a higher level of security for the sonar when you have to step away from your sled. You can take it with you or lock it up in your vehicle. The transducer port protects the transducer puck from contact between the kayak bottom and land.

Bonafide 13.jpg

The adjustable seat and brackets are designed to allow the angler while fishing to change the chair’s position. There are three low options and one high option.

Bonafide 12.jpg

Below the seat you have a sliding tray that comes with a removable net cover, cover not shown.  The leading edge of the box has half circle channels that manage rod butts.

Bonafide 14.jpg

There is traction foam throughout this boat that not only provides a non-slip surface; it also absorbs shock and vibration providing stealth for the angler.

Bonafide 8.jpg

There are several tracks throughout the cockpit of the Bonafide Kayak; They offer the freedom to mount a broad range of custom equipment that provides excellent ability to customize your boat.

Bonafide 4.jpg

The rear cargo area allows for a crate and a cooler or any combination that suits your needs. The bungee system allows your crate to remain secure and provide uninhibited access into the interior.

Bonafide 15.jpg

Remove this cover, and you have easy access to mount transom equipment, such as a Power-Pole Micro.

Bonafide Handle Collage.jpg

Handles on both the bow and stern provide easy management.


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