Peregrine 250 Boat Care Line

Peregrine 250 Boat Care Line

The Peregrine clean team; products that work

Here Is My Ride, A 2007 Nitro, a 10-year-old vessel and it is in great shape.

Why? I want things to last; I don’t want to take on debt if it’s not necessary. I avoid this by taking care of all my purchases, especially the major ones. My success with boat longevity improves when I use Peregrine 250 Boat Care Products.

I get the most from this machine, and I’m not shy about placing it in the heart of the ‘jungle,’ right on the rocks, the shore, or against a dock piling. Catching fish is the prime goal, and casting angles and tactics dictate boat position.

This craft has launched on a broad range of lakes and has trailered many miles from Arizona, Northern and Southern  California. I don’t ‘baby’ this boat, it is a tool, and that’s how I use it, I’m proud of its ‘Battle Scars.’ At the same time, I take care of it and, Peregrine 250 products make my goal of extended boat life easy! Peregrine 250 Products work excellent, and they don't cost more, what else could you ask for?

The Peregrine Clean Team; Peregrine 250 General Purpose Cleaner,  Water Dog Hard Water Spot Remover, Carpet X Carpet Cleaner, Eagle Eye Electronic Screen Cleaner, and the Microfiber Towel. Learn more about these fantastic products at and purchase them at Tackle Warehouse

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