BBZ Shout Out Sunday / Allen Beecher

BBZ Shout Out Sunday / Allen Beecher

I found some time to wet a line after the ICAST event in Orlando Florida. I couldn’t image visiting this state for the first time and not fishing. Thanks to my contacts, everything lined up nicely, they sent me to Trapper Tackle, Cross Bone Outfitters, and Vexan Rods Pro Allen Beecher.

Perfect, a shot at Peacock Bass, and Largemouth Bass from the shore. I’ve seen many social media photos from Florida anglers doing this very thing so I couldn’t be more pleased with this opportunity.

Beecher has a very cool system and gives new meaning to Running and Gunning.

After cast netting for live bait, he loads his custom bank tank up, and we’re ready for some real drive-by tactics.

Here is the plan.

A Vexan spinning rod and reel set-up, similar to drop-shot gear that most bass fishermen already have.

A braid mainline with either a direct tie or a fluorocarbon leader, a 2/0 Dropshot/Live Bait Trapper Tackle hook dressed with…

 A fresh Mayan Cichlid, Bluegill, or Bream and we are set for…

Smiles, excellent Largemouth action…


Brilliant Peacock Bass, and more smiles.

Fantastic Color Pattern

Thank you to everyone involved and special thanks to Allen Beecher. You can follow Beecher on Facebook at and learn more about his excellent sponsors at,, and

An awesome day, you're the Real Deal Allen Beecher!

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