Lake Trout eats Savage Gear Duck

Lake Trout eats Savage Gear Duck

Zack Brown, head guide at Lac La Martre Adventures Northwest Territories Canada, is thinking outside the box.

The Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck is a realism hard bait designed primarily for top-water spring bass fishing when ducklings are abundant. Based on an actual 3D scan of a duck the lure is packed with features. Available in two sizes 6” shown here, and 4.25” the Suicide Duck has two spinning feet that throw water in every direction and includes hangers for both top and bottom hook placement, there are dressed by feathered trebles.

Zack Brown in his creative ways decided to troll this lure on an 8-ounce weight targeting bottom depths near 55 feet. Brown explains that Lakers can be triggered to strike by employing a change in pace by allowing the duck to stop, and slightly float up after a short increase in boat speed. Brown also notes that the action of the spinning feet not only works well on the surface but works great in the depths too. Brown prefers a fluorocarbon leader with the weight at the mainline tie-end. 

Located 125 miles northwest of Yellowknife, Lac La Martre is the third largest lake in the Northwest Territories. Lac La Martre Adventures is the only outfit on the lake. You can learn more at

No doubt that Zack Brown has the BBZ mindset. Thanks for sharing your story and we wish you continued success with your adventures. You can follow Zack Brown's amazing catches on Facebook at

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