Lake Havasu a Desert Oasis

Lake Havasu a Desert Oasis

Havasu is an outstanding bass fishery that has tremendous support from the local community. This fishermen friendly city makes Havasu truly a bass angler’s haven.

Fed by the Colorado River on the border between California and Arizona sits Lake Havasu. Once home to the Mohave People, the lake was named after the Mojave word for blue.

The fishery is broken down into 4 main areas; The River, The Bowl, Mid-Lake, and The Southern Section. It is approximately 27 nautical miles from where the mouth of the Colorado River enters the lake in the north to the Bill Williams area at the very south end.

Havasu is a ‘Wide Screen Western Epic.’

It is possible to run north up river all the way to the base of the dam at Lake Mohave. This distance is greater than the length of the lake and features backwater bays, sloughs, gorges, coves, islands, and tulle groves throughout. Packed full of diverse structure and cover elements Havasu offers anglers a wide variety of choices when it comes to targeting her fish.

Manmade and natural habitat is placed throughout Havasu’s coves, cuts, and main channel. Lake Havasu has one of the best habitat programs anywhere making the fishing what it is today. You can learn more about the Lake Havasu Fisheries Improvement Partnership at

This venue also hosts upper echelon bass tournaments featuring some of the planet's best anglers.

Lake Havasu has always been one of my favorite fishing destinations, and regardless of the bite it still is. If you haven’t been to Havasu, and you find the opportunity, take it. You’ll be happy you did.

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