Rigging Tip; the Long and Short of It

Rigging Tip; the Long and Short of It

I’ve learned that when you take a good pair of braid cutters and cut monofilament or fluorocarbon line with those same snips, they will no longer cut braid cleanly.

I love my Boomerang Line Cutters. They stay sharp, they’re compact, the blades lock in a closed position, and unlike scissors, I can stow them handily in my pocket without poking myself. By keeping them on my person, it doesn’t matter where I am, when needed they’re efficiently right there.


I buy them two at a time. One with long blades, the Big Snip, and the other features short knifes, the Snip. I will only use the long snip for braid, and the short cutter is only used for mono and fluoro. This ensures that both pairs perform superbly for as long as possible.

Details matter and add up to bigger things. 

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