BBZ News: Trapper Tackle Field Testing Coming Soon

BBZ News: Trapper Tackle Field Testing Coming Soon

This year’s July ICAST event showcased a very unique hook design, unlike any I’ve seen, which was awarded Best of Show for terminal tackle. I’m referring to the Trapper Tackle’s Dropshot/Live Bait/Finesse Hook. 

This hook features a right angle box design that restricts the hook’s ability to rotate out making it almost impossible for fish to become unhooked during the fight. The hook also locks live bait and plastic lures in place allowing more casts and longer bait life.

The Trapper hook is due to be released late this year, but I want to give the BBZ readers a heads up preview and actually field test this new innovative product. 

So who better to speak with than Trapper Tackle’s Pro Staffer Vince Hurtado, and what better place to tests things than Hurtado’s back yard, the California Delta, and Clear Lake!

Stay Tuned… 

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