When You Want Something Done Right…

When You Want Something Done Right…

Olivier Geoffroy of Paris France has been building lures for 3 years. He is a Pike angler that fishes specific locations featuring very shallow water. After realizing that standard manufacturers didn’t provide lures well suited to his style of angling, he began crafting custom artificial baits. 

Geoffroy sought shallow swimming baits, coming to the conclusion that wooden lures suited his angling approach best. It was nearly impossible to find what he wanted in France. As the saying goes, ‘Necessity Is the Mother of Invention’, and Geoffroy’s lure building produced results which meet his exacting specifications.

Soon Geoffroy’s lure construction became a passion as function and form merged with artistry. Typically, Geoffroy’s bait construction centers on his custom wooden lures. Occasionally he will re-paint old lures or accomodate special requests from fisherman looking for patterns that are unavailable from European lure distrubtors.

Geoffroy and this amazing BBZ-1 Rat paint job came to be when a friend was organizing an event promoting his Facebook group. SPRO generously donated a BBZ-1 Rat to the cause and Geoffroy’s friend contacted him. The goal was to repaint the lure and achieve a unique result but at the same time respect SPRO’s philosophy of realism. “That’s why I choose brown, gray, and black natural tones with gold, copper, and brass highlights making it a genuinely exclusive prize” explained Geoffroy.

Olivier Geoffroy, your talent is remarkable, especially when you consider that you have been at this for just a few years. Your work is spectacular, and that is one of the best BBZ Rat paint jobs I’ve seen! We look forward to your future art and thank you for introducing yourself to the Big Bass Zone. Good luck out on the water!  Bonne chance sur l'eau!

You can view more of Geoffroy’s skilled Labor of Love at his website http://olivier.geoffroy.perso.neuf.fr/homemade/  or follow him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/olivier.geoffroy.14   

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