Jonathon Polites is checking in with a hefty SPRO BBZ-1 Rat catch.

Jonathon Polites is checking in with a hefty SPRO BBZ-1 Rat catch.

While on BBZ Rat Patrol, using the size 50 model, on the awesome California Delta, Jonathon scored this extra stout largemouth bass. Polites explained that the retrieve the bass favored on this outing was…

…a slow roll and stop sequence. After reeling in a slow wake covering about five feet Polites pauses and then twitches the lure. During the twitch is when most strikes occur scoring several big bass on this day. Amongst the many caught, Polites reports two additional Rat scores in the 5 to 6 pound range.

The big bass of the day shown in the picture is in the 10-pound range. Unlike the other catches, the big girl hit the BBZ Rat the moment the lure fell on the water. The hook was set, followed by vicious head shakes from the stout bass as she bolted straight at Polites. The massive fish then became bogged down in the weeds where Polites was able to reach in and claim his prize. That sure sounds like some exciting heart-stopping action and an outstanding day on the water.     

Polites reports an active feeding window during a strong incoming tide which created baitfish movement being essential to the bass activity and his success. The right place at the right time, the California Delta epitomizes “Everything Matters.” He is also adding more layers to the approach, detailing things by painting the rat tail black, adding whiskers, and marking the belly with a red Sharpy to simulate bloody wounds, injured prey. 

I for one love it when you modify a lure, and you not only score, but you score big. Those are excellent details, thanks for checking in and sharing Jonathon Polites. As Polites says, “The BBZ Rat brings out the big dogs!”  Jonathon Polites, you are a Big Dog and definitely in the Big Bass Zone!

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