Get Ready. Trout Stocking Starts Tomorrow In The Sierra's, Wanna Know What Lakes?

Get Ready. Trout Stocking Starts Tomorrow In The Sierra's, Wanna Know What Lakes?

We are in the full swing of things up in the Eastern Sierra's and the big fish are showing up. if you want to know what lakes will be stocked this week, here's your chance to know.  

The Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) will be stocking Mono County for the first time this season next week and they’ll continue to stock weekly until the end of the season. The DFW will be planting over 600k pounds this year in the Eastern Sierra!


Cutties are running! If you’ve never fished for cutthroat trout this time of year, see what you can do to sneak away for a magical fishing trip in Mammoth Lakes. This once a year run up the Owens River and McGee Creek proves to be some of the most incredible times for catching big and beautiful trout. Just scroll down to the Upper Owens section at to see what all of the excitement is about.

The Mammoth Lakes Basin continues to fill up with more and more water from snow melt and recent rainfall. You can bet that the fish up there are hungry and ready to feed. Crews continue to work towards clearing hazardous trees in the Mammoth Lakes Basin and once they complete the job they will open the gate past Twin Lakes for drive-through access to your favorite lakes.

Fish on!

Location: Crowley Lake  

Location: Crowley Lake  

Location: McGee Creek

Location: McGee Creek

An Intro to Fishing in Mammoth Lakes with guest guide Scott Flint from the TroutFitter

Stocking Info

Fish Stocking Schedule.
Occurring the week of 5/22-27
Twin Lakes
Mary Lake
Mamie Lake
George Lake
Mammoth Creek
Convict Lake
Convict Creek
McGee Creek

Fishing Events

Share the love of fishing with your friends and family. Invite someone who has never fished before to cast a line with you in your favorite waters. You know the relief you feel leaving the hustle and grime of the city to fish the Eastern Sierra. You know the joy rising early or staying out late to fish your "secret" spots. You remember the excitement catching your first fish and the awe of landing that monster trout hanging on your wall. Share those exciting, peaceful and one of a kind moments with a loved one. June is Learn To Fish Month. It just takes one time out on the water reeling in a fish while taking in the views to get someone hooked on fishing.

Where to Fish

Twin Lakes

Towards the end of last season, 400 pounds of beautiful fish were stocked in Twin Lakes. Those fish are up there waiting to feed on what you have to offer them. Head out early in the morning and launch your float tube to secure the best spots on the lake. Dress warmly but remember you can always take a quick break and pop into Tamarack Lodge for a hot coffee and snack. 

Crowley Lake

Crowley Lake is considered one of the best still water trout fisheries in the country, and it's for good reason. Hire a guide, take a boat out and have an incredible experience fishing Crowley Lake all while taking in the beauty that surrounds. 

Owens River

The longest river in the Eastern Sierra is also the most famous: the Owens. While folks have been fighting over the rights to the water for generations, people have been fishing here even longer. The Upper stretch of the Owens River is a popular spot to fish for a tackle box full of reasons.

Convict Lake

Convict Lake has completely thawed and water levels are considerably high. The boats have been detailed and are ready for you to buzz them out to the deepest parts of the lake in search for that big ol' trout. Stop by the Convict Lake general store and fill up on snacks and goodies before your long day out on the water.

The Catch, Photo, Release message is simple but very important. When this process is performed properly, it helps with sustainable fishing. It gives the fish a chance to populate and grow into becoming that MONSTER trout we've all dreamed of catching. Do your part in making a positive impact in the fishing community and leading toward a better future for fishing in the Eastern Sierra. #CatchPhotoRelease

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