Eye Surrender You Win: Part 3 Bait Wraps, Co-Angler Tips

Eye Surrender You Win: Part 3 Bait Wraps, Co-Angler Tips

Fishing as a non-boater, whether it's for fun or during competition, equipment management can have a large impact on success. 


In most bass fishing situations, as co-anglers, the space we have for gear is limited. Your ability to organize and limit equipment will go a long way when it comes to efficiently managing your tackle. Effective time management will translate into more casts as well as being ready to make that One Cast when it counts the most.

Eye Surrender bait wraps play a significant role in my non-boater fishing game. These wraps come in a variety of sizes, accommodating every lure I use, including the Big Baits. 

I’ve tried several other wraps on the market and the Eye Surrender line is not only priced excellent, they also feature superior quality and construction. 

With my rods stored in the Co-angler rod slot, each lure and their hooks are secured with Eye Surrender Bait Wraps. This prevents those hooks from tangling with other rods. I can quickly take each set-up out as needed.

Managing your large umbrella rigs between Milk Run stops is easy with the 14” Eye Surrender Bait Wrap.


Eye Surrender also has a foam lined bait wrap for keeping your pork trailers fresh.

After you re-tie and change to a different lure with the previous one still wet, I don’t like putting it back into my tackle bag, Plano Boxes, or store it with other dry baits. You don’t want hooks just lying around exposed either. I carry a variety of extra wraps in my tackle bag just for this purpose.

I’ll wrap these individual lures and soft plastic baits in a wrap and place it next to, or even under my tackle bag. Later when it’s dry I’ll store them in their proper place, in the meantime, the hooks are safe.

Eye Surrender Bait Wraps also provide convenient, specialized storage solutions inside my co-angler tackle bag too.


Another aspect of non-boater fishing is respecting your partner’s boat and equipment. When I talk with boaters about miscues from co-anglers the number one complaint is boat damage due to carelessness. Its fishing and you’re on the water, we’re humans, and accidents are bound to happen, but that doesn’t mean that Mindfulness should be overlooked. When your lures are out, keeping them in an Eye Surrender Bait Wrap is the easiest way to prevent them from damaging boat seats and other equipment. Dealing with those issues wastes time and as a Co-angler with a lot of draws under my belt, I can tell you that not upsetting my partner is a high priority, especially in a non-shared weight format.


Pre-rigging before heading out onto the water saves valuable time. Being prepared also can create a positive mindset for starting the day’s fishing off right. As non-boaters, we usually can’t place our rods in the boater’s rod lockers. So if you don’t want the competition to see what you have tied on, an Eye Surrender Bait Wrap is the answer. Warning, even if your rigging is concealed with a bait wrap, you still have to pull guard duty. Your fellow competitors will not hesitate to pull off a bait wrap and inspect your rigging if you’re not around to stop them. If you have any type of success in competitive fishing, the competition is looking at whatever you allow them to see.     


Here is the most important aspect of wrapping your lures and hooks in an Eye Surrender Bait Wrap, Safety! When you are sitting in the non-boaters seat, those hooks are directly next to the side of your body. During takeoff and running from spot to spot you will frequently cross boat wakes. Sudden turns by the driver when avoiding other vessels, obstacles, or birds can toss your body around. Apart from crashing, the last thing you want to have happen is to tear a rain suit, injure yourself, or even worse embed a hook in your body.

Big rough water happens all the time throughout the year. It only takes enough wind blowing in the right direction, even on a small lake, to create a dangerous boating situation. If the waves are severe enough, a boater typically has to maintain constant control of the situation and keep driving to prevent swamping the boat. That means if you have a hook stuck in your leg there is no stopping to attend to your medical needs. At best you are going to bounce all the way back to safety before you can tend to the hook that you’re pinned with.

Prevention, organization, and systems can go a long way in making your fishing day a successful one. Eye Surrender, You Win!

Learn more at http://shop.eyesurrenderonline.com/ or purchase Eye Surrender products at http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Eye_Surrender/catpage-EYE.html

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