It’s Spring You're On a Florida Fishing Trip, What Do You Do?

It’s Spring You're On a Florida Fishing Trip, What Do You Do?

If you’re Stany Matheussen, you tie on a SPRO BBZ-1 Rat and go fishing for Peacock Bass. 

Stany Matheussen of Belgium and owner/operator of Matheussen Watersports planned for this trip and his visit with friend Florida fishing guide Chris Licato,,  by stocking up on SPRO BBZ-1 Rats.

Peacock Bass, another species is chalked up to the SPRO BBZ-1 Rat. 

Top water action is universal. It occurs everywhere on the planet and is common to all fish species. At some point, the prey will be compromised and taken advantage of at the very top of the water column, on the surface. Every predatory fish species takes advantage of this feeding opportunity. For anglers it can be the most exciting, action packed, heart stopping fishing scenario you could ask for. And it so happens to be, no surprise here, Aquatic Predators LOVE the BBZ-1 Rat!

Are you ready for the most prolific Top Water action going? Saltwater or Fresh, if you said yes, then you must be using the SPRO BBZ-1 Rat.

Stany, it's obvious that you made the right call, and you’re enjoying the Florida Peacock bite. Thank you for the report! You can reach Stany at the following links. If you are anywhere near Belgium, need outfitting and information on the bite be sure to contact Stany at Matheussen Watersport Facebook  or Stany Matheussen Facebook  

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