BBZ Shout Out Sunday: Captain Benny Florentino / Coastal Charters

BBZ Shout Out Sunday: Captain Benny Florentino / Coastal Charters

If you get the opportunity to fish with Captain Benny Florentino of Coastal Charters, you're in store for a great day on the water. Captain Benny is an Inshore specialist guiding on the coastal shores of Southern California and the neighboring Channel Islands.

Inshore Saltwater Guide

Targeting multiple species such as Calico Bass, Spotted Bay Bass, Barred Sand Bass, and Yellowtail, Coastal Charters is equipped with superior equipment and knowledge to ensure your day on the water is the best it can possibly be.

From kids, families… 

…all the way to the most experienced anglers, even fly fisherman, everyone is welcome at Coastal Charters.  

Captain Benny Is Constantly Giving Back to the Sport. 


Captain Benny is part of the Southern California Yellowtail Tagging Program. The program was created by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Southwest Fisheries Science Center. The program is dedicated to learning aspects of inshore and offshore Yellowtail populations with the ultimate goal of ensuring this fishery’s long-term sustainability.  

Captain Benny Florentino is preparing to release a tagged Yellowtail. Yellowtail is one of Southern California’s most iconic and commonly targeted sport fishing species. 


A frequent seminar speaker to children and anglers of all types…

…this sport, and industry sponsors couldn’t ask for a better representative. 


On many  occasions Captain Benny has organized and hosted fishing based charitable fundraising events for our nation’s most worthy causes. 


Together with his tournament partner Team Big Hammer’s  Keith Michael and Benny Florentino are perennial contenders in the Salt Water Bass Anglers competition series.

Freshwater Fishing

Benny is no stranger to catching stout freshwater bass too!


I’ve had the great pleasure of fishing with Captain Benny Florentino on several occasions. Even on those days when the bite is tough, the scenery is always spectacular, the company is always fun, we still pull fish, and I always learn something. 

Captain Benny Florentino is absolutely in The Big Bass Zone!

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