Castaic Lake Lock Down: TODAY ONLY 12/12/2016

Castaic Lake Lock Down: TODAY ONLY 12/12/2016


Any boater that has been on Castaic Lake in the last few days and received an EXIT Inspection form today is your last day. Please read and pass on the information. 

All boaters, I have been on the phone for hours trying to figure out what is going on after this weekends news of Quaggas Mussels in our waterways.

1. Today will be the only day that Castaic Lake will accept paperwork from this Saturdays NBW tournament or anyone else the received one this weekend.

2. Castaic Main Launch Ramp is where you need to go today and they will place a paper lock down band that will only be good for Castaic Lake.

3. Note: I was just informed that you can leave Castaic Lake and go to Pyramid Lake on the following day, but you CAN NOT go from Pyramid Lake to Castaic unless you do a 7 day quarantine??????? I am just the messenger here.

4. I have calls into DFG to see what's next

Please stand by: Bill  

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