SPRO USA: Ventura County Bass Club Seminar Swag

SPRO USA: Ventura County Bass Club Seminar Swag

Last but certainly not least SPRO USA, they have the ‘Big Guns’ and they’ve sent some over. Here is a sample of the exceptional SPRO products headed to the VCBC.

I’ve said before if I promote something, it’s because I use it. If I use it, it’s because I believe in it. SPRO products epitomize that statement. 

When it comes to fishing the entire water column, top, middle, bottom, the SPRO lure lineup has it covered.

Not only do they have superior lures, but they also have outstanding terminal tackle for all your rigging needs. 

Split rings, snaps, swivels, to leaders I used all of these SPRO products. When I tie them on, I fish with confidence. When I’m pursuing fish nothing beats confidence. 

SPRO = Sports Professional= Quality that you can count on. Learn more at http://www.spro.com/

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