Southern California Lake Castaic Update; More Pressure on the Highly Pressured

Southern California Lake Castaic Update; More Pressure on the Highly Pressured

Here is what’s happening this holiday weekend. 


At well over 100' down from full pool, lake levels continue to recede. Find the right locations first thing in the morning, and you will be rewarded with striper boils. Expect novice boat traffic to push the surface action down quick!               

Baitfish, predominately are small, and located throughout the entire water column. The water is warm and stained. Testing all portions of the water column produced only one pattern for bass. The pattern was on the bottom and the correct speed and depth is paramount.

The Smallmouth population has been gaining constant momentum. In the past few years since the introduction of smallmouth bass to Castaic,  I haven’t fished my ‘Home Lake’ often. So I’m happy to report that I’ve scored my first Castaic Smallie!

Despite the conditions, and true to her reputation, the upper lake might have a big bite waiting for you! Looking at this fish you may notice a few things. She has legions on her tail, both sides, they look infected I see a lot of redness. This fish has a frame of a double-digit, she has no belly but an enormous head. If healthy she would go at least two more pounds than she actually does.  

Ah, my old friend Lake Castaic. You’re dealing with a lot, a 60’ water transfer to save Lake Perris, Quagga Mussel reports that so far are unfounded, potential infrastructure construction that will hold lake levels low even if we do have an ‘El Nino’. Times are tough but hopefully the lake manages to withstand all the extra pressure!

Title photo by Roger Larocque/Peregrine 250 thanks Roger for a great day fishing!

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