Don’t Trust Technology

Don’t Trust Technology

Fisherman often travel. We could be on vacation for a pleasure trip or heading to a tournament that takes us to a different part of the country. Being on time is paramount. Whether you are waking up early to catch a flight or heading back to a competition check in, knowing the exact time is crucial.  

As dependent as we have become on our cell phones, be aware that they are capable of inaccurate information. The same holds true for time displays on our sonar units. They don’t always automatically adjust as we cross into different time zones. Especially if a location is close to the border of a time zone change or has separate zones within the same venue.

If you’re a Co-Angler, do not, I repeat do not assume your Pro draw has the situation covered. There had been several occasions when I had to correct my partner for the day on what the time actually was and when we were due back for check-in. This diligence on my part has prevented a levy and a subsequent loss of winnings. It’s bad enough when the fish beat you, don’t beat yourself.

The remedy is backup and double checks. Know what the local time is and utilize old school systems. Use your watch and manually adjust it to the appropriate time zone. When lodging, requesting a wake-up call is fine but don’t trust that either. There have been several occasions when presumably due to shift changes and human error the wake-up call is never delivered.

Bring your own alarm clock, use a simple watch, and pay close attention to what is actually taking place. It will prevent delays, added expense, missed flights, late check-ins, penalties, disqualifications and heart breaks. Imagine having a winning bag of fish and you are penalized because you’re an hour late to check in, a winner to DNW, Did Not Weigh ouch!      

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