Peregrine 250 Products Not Just For Your Boat Part 3, Stainless Steel

Peregrine 250 Products Not Just For Your Boat Part 3, Stainless Steel

The Peregrine 250 boat care line up will benefit your everyday life in so many ways and coming in at number 3 on the Peregrine Not Just For Your Boat countdown, is Stainless Steel. This four year old barbecue looks brand new!  

Stainless Steel products are popular and all around us, outdoor barbecues, kitchen appliances, the list goes on and it turns out that S.S. and Peregrine 250 are perfect companions. Did I say perfect? Of course I did. This is how it works! 

First off, credit where credit is due, my fiance Perla absconded with two bottles of Roger Laroque’s bad ass boat care products, Peregrine 250 and Water Dog. Here is what Perla has taught me. You have to remove all the ineffectual cleaners and grime off your stainless steel surfaces first. If you have a buildup or stubborn muck atop your stainless then Water Dog will be the cleaning agent of choice.

Following the Water Dog and for general purpose cleaning it’s time to let the Peregrine 250 cleaner and wax with U V inhibitor do what it does best! Clean the base coat, apply a layer of 250 and wipe to an excellent appearance making future maintenance super easy! Perla also reminded me that for maximum effectiveness you need to use a microfiber towel. It’s Deja Vu around here, all this sounds exactly like my boat maintenance regime! 

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