"Eye Spy" Snacks On The Top

"Eye Spy" Snacks On The Top

Eye Spy with my little eyes 3 babies and one momma coot. Can you see them? Here is some food for thought for this Monday morning.

We are getting into the prime topwater season throughout the country for all types of fish species. From bass, stripers, musky, pike, peacock bass and the list goes on and on. If you where to create the illusion of realism by using a topwater bait that looks like something the fish would eat, what would it be? Or better yet, what if your bait could represent multiple food offerings?

We know the SPRO BBZ-1 rat looks like a rat but if you used the black with the red tail colored one would it possibly look like a COOT? If you threw the BBZ-1 in-front of these baby coots on the outside edge of the cover what would the bass think? Just keeping it real in the BBZ Zone! 

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