Press Release: Stan Kaplun Signs With Cousins Rods

Press Release: Stan Kaplun Signs With Cousins Rods

I just got picked up as a Pro-Staffer for Cousins Rods and while I am at it, lets check out what they are all about. Follow me as I do a quick walk through at their company. 

It is with great excitement that I announce I will be joining the Cousins Tackle Pro-Staff. It's truly a honor and a pleasure to be a part of this team, and I can't wait for what the future holds.

Cousins Tackle specializes in making high quality rods, with extremely competitive pricing. One of the many great characteristics of this company is not just their quality and pricing, but the fact that these rods are built here locally in Huntington Beach, CA. This allows for Cousin's customers to be able to support local business', bringing jobs to our economy, rather than buying from companies overseas. Another huge thing is the emphasis they are able to place on quality control, making sure that only the perfect product gets out the door to fisherman. This is something that is very hard for companies that import their rods to do.

There is some very deep family history in this company. Bill Buchanan (CEO) and Wade Cunningham (VP) are actual cousins. Their fathers worked at the old Fenwick factory and soon got their sons jobs there. They both moved on from Fenwick to help start or grow iconic brands such as Sage, Seeker, Sevenstrand, Berkeley, Spiderwire, Stren, Abu Garcia, Abel, and Shikari.

Recently, I had the chance to tour their facility, which is a fascinating opportunity that they present to all who ask. All you have to do is email Charlie Albright, the production manager, at to coordinate a time. You can also call Cousins at (714) 893-0423. If you kindly ask them to set up a date and let them know that Stan Kaplun sent you, I know that they will be more than happy to take care of you. If you have an idea as to what kind of rods you might want, pick a handful of rods from their online catalog and they will pull them for you to take a look at.

Without going too much into detail as to what the tour entails, they will take you step by step through the entirety of the rod making process, starting from the blank being wrapped. After seeing the various stages of the wrapping, you'll also be able to see how the guides are placed on the rod, how the different handles are made, and so much more that you would simply never have the opportunity to see otherwise.

Their rod selection is truly immense. They have graphite rods, as well as fiberglass rods, and composite rods which are a mixture of both. Their selection consists of a large variety of freshwater bass rods, including heavy swimbait rods, jig sticks, dropshot rods, and many more. They also have panfish, trout, as well as salmon/steelhead rods. On the saltwater side, which is the scene through which Cousins has become well known and respected, they carry a huge variety of rods from inshore to offshore. They have bait and jig sticks for yellowtail and tuna, and rods for spotted bay bass and halibut in the bays.

If your in the market for a new rod, and are curious as to how your rod is put together, this is the way to go. Cousins has a very vast selection of rods, and more importantly, the chances are, they have the specific rod your looking for! Check them out online or give them a call!

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