Cherokee Lake Tennessee Walleye Fishing

Cherokee Lake Tennessee Walleye Fishing

I can’t recall being on walleye water before. But, I scored one on this day with of all things an umbrella rig. I have excellent contacts with the walleye community and they say that I’m not the first to land the largest member of the perch family on this system, but it is very uncommon. 

Here is how I did it. While pre-fishing for a bass tournament, graphing prime structure locations, my partner Troy Lindner and I were slow rolling umbrella rigs over submerged humps in the main lake channel. You had to be in contact with the bottom and boulders sitting on top of these high points.

Just a steady slow retrieve. Slow enough to maintain contact but not too slow to create a hang-up. The right cadence would create a deflection when contacting the cover elements on these submerged humps. Too fast of a retrieve and the rig would plane up climbing too high in the water column, no bites. Too slow and the system would snag easily, that won’t get it done either. The key was location, cadence and technique.

I’m now officially a walleye angler. I hear that these fish are delicious. Maybe one day I’ll beach the boat for shore lunch. Okay, I lied, no shore lunch duties for me, I just want to fish!  

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