Anglers Marine Bass-A-Thon 2015

Anglers Marine Bass-A-Thon 2015

It was fun seeing everyone at the Anglers Marine Bass-A-Thon this past weekend, old friends and new! 

I’m wishing I got a shot of Jon Harwood, Tony Kim, Andrew Polintan, and last but not least Erick Darkman Prado. 

Mr. BZZ and Elite Series angler Edwin Evers , two winners!

Step aside here comes two Trail Blazers! Brian Meyer and Troy Lindner of Solar Performance. They’re shaping a path with cutting edge technology. Click here to find out how

Left to right; DeLynn, Brett, and Steve Davies of Team Davies Fishing. These guys own and operate . Their product line features a complete line of fishing weights, the very versatile Jigger and the exclusive Ventana rattling drop shot weight. If you’re not fishing the Ventana, then your drop shot capabilities aren’t complete!

Peregrine 250; from left to right, Roger Larocque, Richard Crow, and I. The products sitting on the table in front of us are the industry’s finest boat care products available. Quality and excellent pricing are a staple of Peregrine 250. Visit

I want to take a bass fishing guide trip with a U S Open champion, don't you? Rusty Brown’s pro bass fishing guide service offers service at a multitude of southern/central California lakes.  

If you get a chance to sit in on a Joe Uribe Jr. seminar, do it and take notes. 2015 FLW victories at Clear Lake and Lake Havasu topped his path to the Western Division Angler of the Year title. Like all the excellent speakers at the Bass-A-Thon, Joe isn’t stingy with the 411.

It’s always fun to make a Bass-A-Thon event. In the upcoming days, I’ll be reviewing industry products that stood out for this year show, stay tuned.    

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