Bass Pro Shops: The Pyramid

Bass Pro Shops: The Pyramid

If you have been to the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid in downtown Memphis, then you know that this place is not only the most extravagant BPS anywhere, it’s also the greatest tackle store on the planet. If you haven’t been there, allow me to take you on a tour of this amazing accomplishment.

Located next to the Mississippi River the ground floor pays homage to the Mississippi River Delta.  

Themed after a swamp the ground floor features ponds, streams, tanks and aquariums. 

BPS Fish Collage.jpg

It’s difficult to tell looking through the glass, but the first largemouth is pushing 15 lbs. It’s interesting to see how the bass position themselves in the brush. It is not a southern swamp without gators! 

BPS Pond 1.jpg

Traversing the ‘Bayou’ by footbridges the waters feature multiple fish species, floating display boats, and even an alligator tank.

BPS Boats 2.jpg

Built in 1991 the 32 story Memphis Pyramid was once a sports arena and home to the Memphis Grizzlies. 

In 2004 the team moved and for years, the world’s 6th largest pyramid sat empty. 

BPS Bill D.jpg

Until Bass Pro Shops owner, Johnny Morris invested $191 million creating what some would call the Disneyland of retail.

BPS Neon Elev.jpg

Faux cypress trees draped with Spanish moss reach upwards to 100 feet flanking the world’s largest freestanding elevator.  

Sky Room BPS.jpg

This neon structure takes you to the Sky Lounge and Observation platforms. 

The ceiling surrounding the bar/restaurant and catfish tank sports Steam Punk inspired artist interpretations of various aquatic inhabitants. 

BPS Vista 1.jpg

The observation decks provide spectacular vistas of downtown Memphis… 


the I-40 bridge spanning the Mississippi River between Tennessee and Arkansas…  

surrounding communities, marinas, and Mud Island.


Hotel accommodations encompass the entire second floor and are first class.  

Photo by BPS

Photo by BPS

Styled after a hunting lodge, they feature balconies that overlook the swamp and the retail space making a guest’s stay here very unique. 

Photo by BPS

Photo by BPS

They even have an underwater themed bowling ally.

A pyramid in Memphis Tennessee is only fitting as the largest city on the Mississippi is named after the ancient capital of Egypt on the Nile River. I’m sure I have missed other diverse attractions at this massive glass and steel structure. So, if you find yourself in the area, you owe to yourself to make some time for a visit. Until then I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

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