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By Bill Siemantel.


Bill Siemantel

Bill Siemantel is a Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame (Legendary Angler), author, award-winning lure designer, tournament angler and industry consultant with a lifetime of experience. Founder of The BBZ (Big Bass Zone) and host of the theBBZtv, Bill teaches others the techniques to catch bigger fish no matter what the species, fresh or salt water. His high-quality content is regarded as some of the best in the industry. With easy-to-follow steps and instructions ride along with Bill and his friends in a new chapter of fishing.


As a 27-year veteran of the Los Angeles Fire Department with a wife and two daughters, you would think that Bill Siemantel has a pretty full plate. But somehow, this amazing angler has found the time to forge a phenomenal tournament record in local, regional and national events including a BassMaster victory at Lake Powell, pioneer the intricacies of big bass fishing, co-author an award-winning book “The Big Bass Zone” with Michael Jones, produce an equally impressive DVD on swimbait and big bass techniques and design some of the most cutting edge lures ever to grace a tackle store shelf. And that’s just the highlights.

While Siemantel does have the energy of a 250-pound hummingbird, it is more his nature of never settling for the obvious. Maybe that’s why he has caught over 400 bass exceeding 10 pounds and 75 in that magical “teen” category. To him, there always has to be something better, something the rest of us have overlooked and something over the next horizon that can unlock yet another mystery of this thing we call fishing.

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