The ZLF Bass Federation Hosts a Seminar with the BBZ’s Writer at Large Derrek Stewart

The ZLF Bass Federation Hosts a Seminar with the BBZ’s Writer at Large Derrek Stewart

‘I always enjoy an opportunity to give back to the community, share knowledge, and showcase my awesome partners.’

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These outstanding companies have once again provided amazing support.

The SPRO Corporation, working with America’s best anglers, cutting edge technology, and innovation to provide you with the world’s finest multi-species freshwater and saltwater tackle -

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The Big Bass Zone/The BBZ represents; a fish behavior based mindset backed by revolutionary tactics and techniques that transcend all fishing disciplines, a gracious, generous platform dedicated to progressing the sport and education regardless of where the information originates -

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Peregrine 250 Boat Care Products, A complete line of boat care cleaning, and preservation products, including electronic screen, and carpet cleaner. The Peregrine line-up does not only feature the marine industry’s best cleaning and protective agents; they also cost less. Not just for your boat, get the best for less -

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Team Davies Fishing offers a comprehensive line of fishing weights including the world’s exclusive Ventana. The Ventana is a tear-shaped drop-shot weight with the world’s only internal rattle held within an integral glass chamber. Call fish in with the Ventana. If you’re not fishing the Ventana, your drop-shot game isn’t complete -

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Gillz-Gear Performance Apparel, designed by anglers for the angler who fishes from sun-up to sun-down. Gillz’ innovative clothing, face masks, and headgear feature state of the art technology and comfort keeping you protected, and with peace of mind so you can focus on what you love, fishing -

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Eye Surrender, sometimes the little things make a tremendous difference. Eye Surrender has a line of bait-wraps, drop-shot wraps, and pocket wraps. Made with fishing industry-leading materials Eye Surrender’s wraps are the best I’ve used. These products provide superior bait and rigging management that gives an angler time-saving efficiency and safety advantages. Whether I’m packed to travel, shore angling, fishing the back deck or captaining my bass boat, you’ll always find me with Eye Surrender products -

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Stay tuned to see what these First-Class organizations have sent for the ZLF attendees.  ‘Thank you very much, each one of you is greatly appreciated’ – Derrek Stewart

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