Leader Knots; Braid to Leader and Leader to Lure

Leader Knots; Braid to Leader and Leader to Lure

Captain Benny Florentino demonstrates the five-turn Royal Polaris knot – braid to leader and the five-turn Uni knot – leader to lure.

By Bloodydecks Staff / https://www.bdoutdoors.com/


“I need to join my leader to my braided line, and I like to use an RP (Royal Polaris) John Collin’s knot,” says Capt. Benny.  “I love the new AFTCO Saiko Pro fluorocarbon leader in pink color.  I bend the end of the leader over and pass the braided line through the doubled end and around both legs for five wraps.  I then wrap back down for five wraps and pass the tag end of the braid back through the same loop in the leader.  Cinch down tightly using gloves and then finish the knot with a couple of half hitches with the braid.”


Capt. Ben Florentino of Coastal Charters is a Coast Guard Licensed Captain with over 25+ years of saltwater angling experience.  Ben is an experienced waterman, and an avid saltwater bass tournament angler fishing the SWBA & SBS series.

Over the past 10+ years, Ben has accomplished multiple tournaments wins, top 10 finishes, big bass awards, and an AOY title.

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