Shimano Calais DC Casting Reels

Shimano Calais DC Casting Reels

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The Calais DC is the Rembrandt of Shimano baitcasting reels. The beautiful black nickel body houses the best of what Shimano has to offer. Nothing is held back with the Shimano Calais DC: 11 ball bearings, solid aluminum frame and 4X8 DC technology make the Calais DC a masterpiece.

Shimano has taken their Digital Control technology to a new level with the Calais DC. The original DC system is excellent for most bass fishing and inshore applications. However, the original Digital Control was not ideally suited for slow spool speed applications like skipping or pitching.

To address slow speed applications Shimano developed the 4x8 Digital Control Brake System. To develop the 4x8 system Shimano analyzed the various environmental and mechanical conditions related to casting. Shimano divided the casting spectrum into four modes and created four profiles to control each one.

X Mode: Extreme Distance - a specific profile that allows for more than 50,000 RPM 
L Mode: Long Distance - an all-around profile for most fishing applications 
A Mode: Accuracy - an excellent profile for skipping or pitching 
W Mode: Wind - a profile for casts into a headwind

Adjusting the 4x8 brake system is a simple process. The sideplate swings open easily once the Escape Hatch is pressed. Once the proper mode is selected and the sideplate returned, the braking system can be fine tuned with the eight settings available on the outside of the sideplate.

The Shimano Calais DC boasts an impressive list of features, but one that is unique to this reel is the tapered titanium levelwind insert. Titanium provides the lowest friction of any Shimano levelwind insert. The tapered design not only makes it easier to thread the line during setup, but further reduces friction and line angles during the cast for more distance.

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